Join A Swap Group

If you are in a direct sales or home party plan company you should consider joining one or more of our swap groups to help you bring in more sales by networking with other direct sales consultants!

A swap group is a group of direct sales consultants. The consultants are placed in groups of 4 -12 members and one person is chosen each month to be the consultant of the month (COTM). 

The consultant of the month (COTM) will advertise her/his specials for their company that month, tell you about their business opportunity and they will receive sales for that month from the other group members. All other group members will purchase products from the consultant that is chosen for that month.  A minimum $25 purchase is required (before shipping and tax).

  • Only ONE rep per company is accepted in each swap group.
  • A minimum of ONE YEAR commitment is required to participate.
  • Group MUST have a minimum of 4 consultants to launch, and will be 'capped out' at 12 members.
  • All members MUST commit to purchasing a minimum of $25 in products from the chosen COTM by the 20th day of the month. 
  • Each member is subject to a phone interview with the owners before being accepted.
  • Members are accepted 1st come, 1st served.
  • New members are placed at the bottom of the list in the order of their registration and they will not become the COTM until they have met those requirements.
  • There is no limit to the number of groups you can join, HOWEVER, you are responsible for a $25 commitment PER GROUP.
Email us now to join a swap group!